Birding                   in                  Borneo                   

We have specialised in bird watching tours of Borneo ~ Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei and Kalimantan since 2006. The most popular and famous birding destinations are Mount Kinabalu, Rainforest Discovery Centre, Kinabatangan River, Tabin Wildlife, Danum Valley, Klias wetland, Paya Maga, Bakalalan, Borneo Highlands, Kubah, Mulu, Temburung, Tanjung Puting National Park and Sungai Wain.

Our guides have participated numerous exploratory expeditions to remote areas of this biologically rich island. The rediscovery of Black Oriole & Dulit Frogmouth are among our achievements.

It's these and other elusive birds that our clients want to see. You tell us the birds you want to see and we will arrange the trip that makes this possible.

Our skilled and experinced guides ensure that our clients have a high numbers of sightings and that they can tick their target species off their lists. Our clients are delighted with their successes and impressed with our knowledge and skill in finding birds.

We are bird guides for International Bird tour companies including Birdtour Asia, Birdquest, Wings, Rockjumper, Tropical Birding, Birdfinder, Birding Ecotours, Avi Fauna Naturresor, Alphine Tour Japan and China Birdnet.

Choose us for a memorable and successful bird watching trip.


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