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17) Jakapat Vanichanan ~ The best birding experience in Borneo

Last month, I had a chance to visit Borneo for the third time. The goal was definitely to see and photograph as many endemic bird species as I can. In order to achieve the goal, the right local guide is really important. Luckily I have known Yeo Siew Teck who was able to track Hose’s Broadbill from the previous impressive trip in Sarawak. Hence I did not hesitate to ask him to be my private guide this time. This trip turned out to be one of the best birding trip I have ever experienced. Because of Yeo’s expertise, we got more than 100 species within 5 days including almost all of endemics in Kinabalu NP. However, this was just the beginning. There are many places I need to visit in Borneo and Yeo will be definitely my guide. Thanks for your efforts.
Jakapat Vanichanan, Thailand, visited 08th August 2019


16) 今年2019年暑假再攜親友前往婆羅洲清點自己遺漏的鳥種,理所當然還是和小楊勉強的挪出一星期的時間,為了我們的Wish list他特別的安排進入汶萊山區,因此增加了Wren-Babbler及Jungle-Flycatcher等困難鳥種的個人記錄。這趟尋找遺漏鳥種的行程,名單上列的都是稀有少見的種類。對鳥導來說是不小的挑戰。在Kinabalu山區找稀有的Fruit-hunter時,同一段路程來回不停的走了無數次,說實在的客人們在心裡早就放棄了,就只有他仍砌而不捨的放音搜尋,最終見到還拍的牠的身影。這是對專業鳥導的技能:一、鳥點的掌握。二、鳥類習性的了解。三、鳥音的敏感度之外的第四個專業又敬業的特質-堅持到最後一刻。在此再做一次鄭重的推薦,到婆羅洲賞鳥找楊秀德準沒錯。
曾四度前往婆羅洲搜尋鳥蹤的鳥癡---蔡牧起 ~ 31st July 2019

15) Elisabeth and Tom Karplus and Allan Richards

In July 2019, Yeo from Borneo Birding Tours Sdn Bhd organised a 16 days tour of Malaysian Borneo for the three of us, who come from Sydney, Australia. Yeo designed the tour to show us as many as possible of the endemic birds in Sabah and Sarawak. He showed us 265 birds including 49 of the realistically possible 51 endemic birds. These birds included the Dulit Frogmouth, Fruithunter and the Bornean Ground Cuckoo. We found Yeo to be an exemplary guide. He has great knowledge of the local sites and of the birds and their calls so he was able to identify, call in and get all of us on to the birds. He persevered with each bird so that we generally all saw a particular species. We found him to be a good communicator. He was very considerate of our needs especially Elisabeth’s limited mobility on forest tracks. Our accommodation was always of a high standard with everything we needed. We were particularly impressed with the Homestay at Ba Kelalatan in the Kelabit Highlands in Sarawak and with the Borneo Rainforest Lodge in Danum Valley in Sabah. When staying in towns, we ate meals at local restaurants – usually Chinese restaurants. We would certainly recommend Yeo as a bird watching tour leader if you wish to see birds in Borneo, especially the rare and difficult ones. ~ 08th July 2019

14)黄玉霞~小楊是個非常認真負責的鳥導,找鳥的功力很厲害,行程的安排也非常週全,和他一起看鳥,你會有一段很美好的旅程。~ 27th July 2018

13) 侯笑如~去年三月在鸟导小杨帮助下,有过一次13天的婆罗洲和文莱的观鸟行程。那是一段非常完美的行程,看到不容易遇到的5种八色鸫、5种咬鹃、3种蟆口鴟、4种鸮,还看到了目前只有一个可见点的黑鹂,小杨具有专业的鸟导精神和鸟导能力,对婆罗洲和文莱当地的鸟点、鸟况非常熟悉,对鸟的习性也很了解,有充沛的观鸟热情,并且给我们安排了非常好的食宿,让我们享受到一次充满愉悦的观鸟行程。特别推荐的鸟点是文莱、婆罗洲的巴卡拉兰和帕雅。目前在准备下一次的婆罗洲观鸟行程。~ 03rd March 2018

12) 蔡牧起老师的鳥導推薦
~ 雖然早先就在台北的[關渡賞鳥博覽會]就認識了專業鳥導-楊秀德。直到2017年夏天邀團赴沙勞越賞鳥,才真正接觸到這位專業、敬業-我們口中的[小楊]。 
2017年的主要賞鳥地點在沙巴的Klias Peat Swamp、沙勞越的Paya Maga 及Bakelalan。過程中深深的體會到他的專業。說到專業一定要提到以下幾點。
一、對稀有高光鳥種的鳥點掌握,比如在Klias步道要走到幾公里的地方可以找到Hook-billed Bulbul、在Bakelalan在哪個角落可以等到Dulit Frogmouth。這點對瘋狂的飆鳥客人來講至關重要。
                                             來自台灣的鳥瘋子—蔡牧起 ~ 05th July 2017


拍鸟选杨导是灵舍不同的拍鸟乐趣。~ 02nd May 2017

10) Jane Goldsmith ~ 

We had a wonderful time on our frog and nature tour in Sarawak. Our guide Yeo Siew Teck introduced us to many fascinating species during our week in Kubah National Park and Borneo Highlands. He has an extensive knowledge, but never gave more information than we needed. His patience was extraordinary, and his ability to call the birds also very impressive. We especially loved the night walks to the frog pond in Kubah and at Borneo Highlands, where we not only heard and saw frogs, but marvelled at amazing jungle sounds, fireflies and starry night skies. We will happily return to visit Sabah one day on his recommendation. Thank you Yeo and Borneo Birding Tours!  

Jane and Andrew Goldsmith and son Jack, Belair, South Australia, visited July 2015.

9) Sue Small ~

From the outset we found Yeo to be more than helpful, professional and easy to approach. He is a fount of knowledge and expertise. We found him to be generous of nature and patient. He enabled us to build on our birding skills. We spotted far more birds than we could of expected. It was brilliant.

We have no reservations in recommending him to beginners or the very experienced. A very big thank you for a very enjoyable and rewarding bird watching experience. 

Penny Grace and Sue Small ~ 03rd June 2015

8) Brian Reid ~

Four years ago whilst in Kuching for a few days my wife, a friend and I went into a company and asked if there was anyone who was interested in birds who could take us out for a day or two. Yeo Siew Teck appeared and we had a wonderful couple of days being introduced to the birds of Borneo. A year later, at our request, he took us on a two week birding tour through a range of habitats in Sabah. Thanks to Yeo’s sharp ears, eyes and bird call library we saw a dazzling array of Sabah birds including some Borneo rare endemics, a matter in which Yeo is now very much a specialist. The tour was very well organised and managed. This year we again returned to Sarawak to a birding tour of the Paya Maga and Bakelalan areas. It was another splendid tour in which Yeo showed us the wonders of the montane country. Again endemic birds, including the Bornean Black Oriole (Oriolus hosii) and Dulit Frogmouth(Batrachostomus harterti) featured strongly.

Borneo Birding Tours Sdn Bhd is a courteous, efficient organisation and it is a pleasure to work with them. Yeo is an exceptional birdera considerate guide and pleasant company. We are happy to recommend Borneo Birding Tours and Yeo to anyone who wishes to see the birds of Borneo and in particular the endemics. My wife has asked to add; Yeo is also kindly and helpful to the slightly less fit members of the group.

Lyn and Brian Reid ~ 7th April 2015

7) Simon Cook & David Harper ~

Yeo has amazing “spotting” ability & patience & endurance. We really enjoyed the trip variety of habitats, Rainbow toad, Wallace’s flying frog, Bornean Horned Frog and Variable sticky frog all excellent. Not to forget the moon rat, Green Broadbill lifer for Simon ~ Mandy + Simon Cook & David Harper ~ 10th March 2015

6) Ville Vehmaskangas ~

We visited Kuching in December 2014. Our main reason for visiting was wildlife photographing. We received local recommendations about Mr. Yeo. He organized everything for us through his company. Everything was really well organized and all the people we're on time. Special thanks goes to Yeo who is truly a professional wildlife guide. He is extremely knowledgeable on wildlife particularly frogs and birds but also a really nice guy to spend time with in the jungle. We had couple of special target species and he worked hard for them with success. Without hesitation we would recommend him for a wildlife guide. And if we return to Borneo he will be the one that we will contact ~Ville Vehmaskangas & Aino Jyrkilä ~ 19th December 2014

5)黄月琦~到婆羅洲觀鳥5次,最難忘的是一級棒的鳥導阿德帶的兩次行程,一次是沙勞越,一次是沙巴,除了清晨找鳥展開每日的開始,阿德帶的夜間觀察更是了不起,在古晉的雨夜找到眼鏡猴,好厲害!阿德簡直是全方位的,除了鳥功了得外,找蛙類、爬蟲、哺乳動物、豬籠草、昆蟲、蛾類、潮間帶生物…各個專業都有研究,應有盡有,導覽的功力讓大家感覺CP值很高。~ 19th July 2014

4) Philippe Blain ~

We received very good service from Borneo Birding Tours Sdn Bhd during our stay in Sarawak, and we recommend warmly that company for a bird watching visit to Borneo.

Our birding guide, Yeo Siew Teck, provided us with competent and professional services. We were picked up at our hotel in Kuching on the first morning to go to Kubah National Park, where we birded for one day and a half. Thanks to the guide’s patience and knowledge of bird calls, were able to get excellent views of difficult species like the Bornean Ground-Babbler, the White-crowned Hornbill, Bornean Blue-Flycatcher and, last but not least, the Blue-banded Pitta. We also saw the Banded Woodpecker, a small party of Crested Jays, the Green Broadbill and most of the Bulbuls.

Moving to Borneo Highlands Resort, where we stayed overnight, we were greeted there by an obliging Blyth’s Hawk-Eagle. We also saw a family of Black-thighed Falconets and the Eyebrowed Wren-Babbler. The Rail Babbler was heard but refused to show itself.~ Philippe Blain, Réal Bisson, Pierre Poulain et Carolle Mathieu, Québec, Canada ~ 04th Sep 2013


4) John Morrison ~


Yeo was extremely helpful and professional and I can recommend him without reservation. He was able to tailor our time together in order to assist me to find my target birds. The experience with the Malaysian rail babbler in particular was a lifetime highlight in a life full of wonderful wildlife observations. ~ John Morrison 26th Oct 2012.

3) Richard Fairbank ~

2) Lee Harding ~

Yeo Siew Teck took us on a wonderful birding and wildlife photography tour of Sabah, Malaysia, Borneo, in 2011. Yeo worked with us intensively over several months to design the trip to accommodate our particular interests and maximize bird and mammal sightings. We boated major rivers and mangrove swamps, hiked through lowland and montane forests, climbed to high alpine shrub habitats, and travelled to offshore islands. We documented several very rare birds, saw 71 Bornean endemics (species and subspecies) and contributed observational data to an avian research project. We saw and photographed enough rare mammals that I was able to publish three short papers and a monograph in science journals. Yeo knows all the birds by voice as well as sight and carries a library of recorded calls and songs, but is cautious and patient enough to make sure that his identifications are accurate. He made arrangements for accommodations and meals that perfectly suited our tastes, while maximizing our wildlife viewing time. I highly recommend him as a guide and tour organizer ~ Lee Harding 5th May 2011

1) Mr Oscar Campbell ~






































































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